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kill that baby


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just cool people such as maty.
#2 pencils, 7 foot men, abortions, abusing animals, aggressive dogs, aids, air fragrances, anyone who hates bob, autism, bacterial infections, balloons, bic pens, biking, boogers, camping toilets, cat food, cheese, chelseys cow, chicken strips, chinese, computers, corndogs, crutches, diesel, donovans fake lighter, downs syndrome, driving music, drop bush not bombs, drunken mans logic, duct tape, dusty, dvds, finnish mountain men, finnish vikings, freschetta four cheese pizza, george washingtons, good teeth, green tea, greeting cards, grimsly, grocery store self checkout, growling, hammering keys and buttons, herbal essences hair products, holy water, horse the band, hot tamales, kids on leashes, kobe, leaps of faith, m&m's, masking tape, maty, matys back, miska, mp3s, myspace russians, ollaialialiaia berry pie, parallel parking, parasites, pedestrian killers, photo ad, picasso, pilfering, pizza, poison ivy, rain, rape, retards, rock candy, rockers, rosarys, shacks, shaqs, sharpie markers, shedders, sierrra mist, snow skiing, stds, storm clouds, straight edge kings, straight edge rulers, super glue, taping speakers, taunton mass, tessa, that seductive cat, the fag, the graveyard, the rabbit, the swedish, tile floor, travis, typing, wheelchairs, winking, women, yellow wood glue